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You know, I mostly love my boss. But sometimes (and yes, today would be one of those) he drives me right.fucking.INSANE.

We just had a very surreal phone convo in which he insisted that I had changed the city's website without permission and he was 'shocked' by the way it currently looked. Now, had I just changed it, oh, yesterday or something, I might be able to understand his upset. The homepage was changed in APRIL, y'all. With his permission, I might add. I even printed paper mock-ups of how it would look so he'd know.

And because he's stubborn (as am I), I'm curious: If you go to a website, do you want to read a bunch of text about the subject of the site (in this case, the town I work for) or do you want to be able to access specific info without clicking to another page (for example, Trick or Treat time and date)? He thinks all the info should be on separate pages linked to the home page and I frankly think that's a pain in the ass. Please feel free to elaborate on what you prefer, yes?

Then he was asking about a grant application instruction book. Which is not a printout, it's online. Because it is 187 pages long--who the fuck would print all that out????? But he kept insisting that I have it and am keeping it from him.

Also, is this week over yet? It's already been about 30 days too long. Tuesday sucked major ass and today isn't looking much better. I feel a bit fragile and easily upset this week. Much like too little butter scraped over too much toast.

Please feel free to send lovings and porn. Believe me, it will be appreciated!


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