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I find myself having a bit of a Springsteen craving the past few days (it's all [livejournal.com profile] musesfool's fault, really). So I think I may have to indulge in Tunnel of Love sometime this weekend as it's the only Bruce I have on CD. God, I may even have to drag out the 'best of' on, god forbid, cassettes. Cassettes seem hopelessly outdated these days, don't they? Now I've finally got the CD/DVD burner installed, maybe I can move some of the cassette music to CD. Oh yeah, like I have that much gumption.

Inevitably, Bruce brings to mind my college friends. Who knows why we become friends with the people we do? A group of us coalesced around three guys from Jersey and for the next three years, we were pretty much inseparable. I was closest to Todd and I still miss him sometimes. We haven't seen each other or even spoken since, oh, 1990? Or thereof. So you wouldn't think I'd still miss having him be a part of my life, but I do. It actually started out as a bit of a crush (OK, a lot of one) on my part, but then we just were really close friends. He was a huge music-phile, mostly of the classic rock variety. Funny enough, he was not a huge Springsteen fan and I'm sure he would find it ironic that Bruce reminds me of him. He also turned me on to artists I'd never thought about before: Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Zeppelin, Don Henley. We used to have this thing that I always referred to as "Perpetual Music Quiz"—we'd be somewhere, a bar, a party, whatever, and at the first bars of a song he'd say, lightning fast, "Who sings this?" My average was about 90% correct and I think I impressed him most the night I identified Jimmy Page's Prison Blues on just a few notes. With the whole CD to mp3 to iPod culture we have now, I wonder if he's still into music as he was or if it's something he's left behind.

One of the most fun things we ever did was the Memorial Day Beach Bash (I Cut School, Where Were You?) in Asbury Park. I've always been a big Springsteen fan, so I was fascinated by the area where he comes from. So Todd planned a whole weekend around this beach party they used to (still??) have there for Memorial Day. So there we were, laying on the beach and drinking SeaBreezes at 8 in the morning with what seemed like a million other people. I can't remember anymore how many were actually there, but the beach was packed. I still have photos of it, somewhere. Good times.

Another one of our friends and I had a falling out and she basically ended up making all of 'our' friends choose between me and her. And though I think we could have overcome that, I just let them go because it was easier at the time. But I still think about Todd and the others and I still miss them, especially when I hear stuff that reminds me of them.

Thanks for enduring this little walk down memory lane with me, f-list!


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