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Happiest of birthdays to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] laerwen! T, baby, I know this year hasn't been the best for you, so here's to being positive that the coming year will be better. I'm truly glad to count you as a friend and hope to get to see you in person again sometime.

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OMG, people, I SUCK. It is the birthday of one of my most very favorite people and I almost missed it!

My most darling Meg [livejournal.com profile] waqaychay, you were one of my first fannish friends and my journey to today would not have been nearly as great without you in my life. You're such a wonderful person and friend and I'll be the first one to stand up and say so. You have truly enriched my life in so many ways and I love you for that. (even though I still sometimes misspell your username)

Hope it was a great one and that you're enjoying your loot from Jungle Jim's. Happiest of birthdays to you!

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OMG, *facepalm* My Google calendar indicates that I missed [livejournal.com profile] sweetzattack's birthday *hangs head in shame* I hope it was a great birthday, lovey! So glad to have met you and that we're friends!

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Happy Birthday to one of the best people I've ever met, [livejournal.com profile] lizziebunny2828! Liz, you are truly a joy to know and I'm so glad to count you as a friend. Enjoy your special day, sweetie!

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Oh my god, will someone please explain to me why I have to work today? Or not work, as the case may be, I've been reading all morning OMG, Kitten! Skylar & Z, flaily hands of joy.

It's fucking freezing in this office. And every time I turn on the space heater, my co-worker opens. the. window. And just in case you're not aware, it's right around 32° out. Thanks, I'd love some pneumonia.

And it's water bill day. Water bill day is the worst day of the month. Because she prints them on a 24 pin Okidata, the noise is just unbearable. I've had my earphones in since about 9AM. And OK, Steve Carlson in my ear makes lots of stuff better, but come on.

Enough bitching. I didn't post yesterday cos I was lazy, but here's what I'm thankful for:

My family. I hear other people's stories about how their families are so messed up and not supportive and whenever I do, I have to be thankful for the great family I have. Are they weird and occasionally annoying? Absolutely. Would I trade them? Nope, no way.

My friends, both RL and online. This year in particular, I've been blessed with meeting some really great people who I'm pleased to call friend. Also, if you've not left me an addy for a Christmas Card, please to be doing so Here

My job, because even though it is sometimes irritating, it provides me with the cash and time to do the stuff I really want to do. And my boss is the best.

My house. It may be small and somewhat in need of redecorating (ok, lets not kid-a LOT of redecorating) it is mine and I love it.

Enjoy your day, my lovelies.
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Please to be leaving me your address here if you would like a Christmas (or other holiday-let me know) Card from me.

Sending cards is my absolute favorite part of the holiday season, so the more names I get the better.

Screened and all for privacy.

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Happy Birthday to one of my very favorite people, Froot! You never fail to make me smile, my dear. Hope your birthday is an excellent one.

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I think a couple of you know that I had decided to attend the Salute To Supernatural convention that was held this past weekend in Chicago. I didn’t really talk about it much beforehand because I wasn’t sure what to expect or even if I would have a good time.

Chicago Con )

Cut because I turned into Wordy McWorderson there.
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I am officially freezing. I mean, for real, my hands are like ice cubes. And it's not like we don't have the heat on here in the office, but I sit by the poorly-insulated wall, so... Might be time to break out the space heater.

Also, my knee hurts. Bad. As I told someone yesterday, I feel like I got hit by a truck.

On the plus side, I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned on Monday. This is a two-fold good thing: 1) I love, love, love how my teeth feel after a cleaning and 2) I have no cavities or other teeth issues. And considering the rest of me is falling apart, this is a definite good thing!

While we were in Pittsburgh for the dentist, we went to my absolute favorite thrift store. And I scored a brand new (looking) Kate Spade purse. My friend says it looks like a lunchbox, but I love it. It has blue stripes!

Hope this finds all of you well and warm!
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Happiest of birthdays to a wonderful person, [livejournal.com profile] bluespirit_star! I love hearing about Buddy and his adventures. Hope your day was great!

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Ha ha ha ha, too cute! And very creative:

Peeps Vote!
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A Tale of Sir George and the Chicken

OK, so this guy, who is kind of a drunk, called to complain that his neighbors have roosters that are waking him up in the morning. Which, OK, maybe they do. Or maybe this is another Billy Perry & The Red-Eyed Duck situation. Either way, the Chief is fobbing it off on the Lieutenant because he has a cold and is swilling Alka Seltzer Plus and doesn’t feel like dealing with possibly drunk!George. But George becomes very wise-assy on the phone and says "Well, if they can have roosters, then I can have a cow!" Yes, the logic, it astounds.
So this prompted a search of the Ordinance Book which revealed that apparently, we no longer have the law prohibiting farm animals in town on the books. We do have one concerning sanitary conditions and one covering unnecessary noise, both of which probably apply to hens and/or roosters. But the whole thing got me tickled and I laughed on and off for an hour.

Please to be keeping in mind that I work for a town that is not out in the country, nor is it the norm for anyone to be harboring roosters. The even worse part? This would be the SECOND drunken customer I’ve had to deal with in the last two days. The first one called here blubbering and slurring about how he had this paper that said he had to come to court but he didn’t know whyyyyyyyyy. My response: pay your taxes, dumbass.
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OK, people. Who hid the dead body in my house? And if there's no dead body, where are all the freaking FLIES coming from???? It's not like I have food or trash sitting around. *boggles* I guess they think they're going to winter over inside my house. I've got news for them: they're wrong.

Speaking of winter, when the heck did it get to be autumn? It was just summer a minute ago. All the leaves are changing and they look so pretteh. I might try to go out this weekend and shoot some pics of the foliage.

So my vacation was completely productive, I got a ton of stuff done that I wanted to. Cleaning, painting, organizing, etc. \o/ Plus I got to visit my friend Becky, who I hardly ever see.

My left hand is tingling, a low-level buzz like it's asleep. And it's been driving me crazy with itching from no visible cause. Now I'm wondering if I've pinched a nerve or something. I mean, I can live with it, it's just annoying.

I moved 4g of music off my laptop and onto my external hard drive last night. This was actually a bigger deal than one might think, as it involved multiple flash drives of small capacity. For some reason, laptop and Murph (the drive) don't get along. So once I got it moved, I was playing around with it in iTunes, trying to add the songs without erasing whats already on there. Apparently, I fail at this. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but it just isn't working.
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Bzuh? My Finding Nemo icon disappeared. Or rather, it turned into a silhouette man in front of a ski lift. WTF, mate? Did Disney do a sweep of LJ or something? *is confuzzled*
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Random things in a sort of plus/minus fashion:

++ Quaker Granola bites are little peanut butter covered balls of wonderful. Unfortunately, they seem to have discontinued the PB ones. *sad* Also, Quaker’s ‘Contact Us’ form kinda sucks. Also, the Simple Harvest Dark Chocolate Granola Bars? To die for.

-- The raccoon problem in city hall rages unabated. And now the building smells like raccoon pee and has fleas. Niiiice.

++ I took vacation days for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 7th.

-- Sadly, I am not using that vacation time to attend RingCon again. The girls will be eating huge Bavarian pretzels without me! *cries*

++ But I hope to be able to meet up with my friend from home, who I see very rarely because she has a hub and 3 kids and about a million activities.

-- It is water bill day here in my office; the most vilified day of the month. Because 995 bills need to print on a 24 pin Okidata printer. The noise is nigh unbearable.

++ Luckily, I have iTunes. Speaking of which, I need to sync my iPod which I’ve not done since, oh, June. Whoops.

-- I continue to be the most inept player of the Sims 2 ON THE PLANET. /frustrating

++ I purchased a Sims strategy guide which Kitten assures me will be able to help. *crosses fingers* I await its arrival none so patiently. Everyone else has so much fun playing Sims and I get so damn frustrated I want to pitch the machine out the window.

Imma try to post more, but be warned: it will probably be random crap about my job. I’ll try to make it funny, though, if that helps. I just hate having a journal I never post in, you know?

All you folks have a great day!
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Geez, my swiss-cheese brain almost made me miss out on sending birthday wishes to one of my very first lj friends, [livejournal.com profile] pandora_nervosa!

K, I hope this is a great birthday for you (and I hope the Coconut had a good one as well)! I'm so glad you're a part of my f-list again, because I missed you whilst you were gone.

Can you email me? I have a question about something, if you don't mind. kim.scoop13 @ gmail.com

Love you, darling!
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Happiest of birthdays to my most favorite Holly-berry, [livejournal.com profile] bam_a_lam!

Hollyest, I'm so glad that we met, cause you are awesome. Hope your birthday is great.

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OK, y'all probably know that I'm the least political person ever. But this Sarah Palin person? She leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And it seems like everyone here where I live thinks she's just the best thing ever. Please read under the cut and participate if you so choose.

Women Against Sarah Palin )
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Happiest of birthday's to my most darling Beth, [livejournal.com profile] closet_hobbit.

Hope your day was the absolute best, lovey!