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So I went to see the Penguins play the Flyers on Wednesday, the 13th. And honestly, the game was kind of crap because the Pens played badly and the Flyers won. BUT I had a good time and I wanted to tell about the funny stuff that happened and also link to my pics for my hockey friends.

I always get there early, because I like to be in my seat and all organized before the people around me get there. Because I'm a weirdo, I know. Anyway, when I got to my seat, it was a WAY more awesome seat than I was anticipating. Although as an aside, I do believe Ticketmaster might be a little insane, because I'm positive I bought as aisle seat and this…was not one. But that was ultimately okay. Because it was just behind the handicapped section against the glass, so instead of a row of seats in front of me, there was a railing. And because HC is floor level, there were no heads in my way because they were below me. COOL as shit, people.

I prefer my seats to be on the opponent end, rather than the home end because under normal circumstances, I want to have two periods where my team is shooting on the goal closest to me. And so far it's worked out pretty well. The only problem is, of course, the away team warms up on that end. So there's no really good way to get photos of the Pens during warmups because they're clear at the other end of the ice.

So I'm sitting there shooting pictures of the Flyers (mostly Giroux, TBH) and watching them warm up whilst minding my own business. The two guys behind me were talking and the one says, "Hey, where's Talbot, I don't see him." So I turned around and kind of laughing, said "Well, I assume he's in Denver." And the guy says, "Holy shit, are you kidding, did he get traded to the Avs?"

So then they introduced themselves and I elicited the promise that they wouldn't spill beer on me. These two hilarious bros then proceeded to CRACK. ME. UP. For the entire game. They were just goofy and friendly and bro-ish and drunk; it made me laugh. The one kept teasing me and telling me not to laugh at them, which just made me laugh more. Their buddy, a season ticket holder, was sitting beside me and at one point, one of the bros said "Do you come here often?" and then immediately said, "Oh my god, that sounds like a bad pickup line and I'm married; I just meant do you sit by Dan all the time." Which, TBH, I would TOTALLY buy that seat again because it was great. Alas, no, I am not able to go all the time. *sadface*

Game starts and not too long into it, I ended up explaining hybrid icing not only to my two bro buddies but also to the three Flyers fans sitting behind me as well as the guy and his wife on my right. Which was, frankly, hilarious on several levels. Middle-aged fat girl, explaining hockey concepts to college age dude-bros. They all appeared very impressed by my understanding, after we had a round of clarifying questions. *snort*

And then later on for the Flyers bros, I confirmed that Jussi Jokinen is, in fact, Finnish. They were debating whether he was a Finn or a Swede.

Now the funny part of this, really, is that I NEVER talk to people I don't know. I am NOT that person. When I was telling my mom about my adventures after the game, she was just looking at me, boggling, and saying, "You? YOU talked to people you didn't know?"

This was my third Pens game (ever) and I continue to adore the experience. I totally get now why people spend a ton of money on season tickets. The only thing that kind of weirds me out is how quiet hockey games are. I figure anyone who's gone to an arena game understands what I mean, but it's really quiet when they're actually playing. It does get loud when the home team scores or while they're waiting to face off, because they play music but other than that, quiet. I guess I'm basing it on my experience at college football games, which tend to be obnoxiously loud no matter the talent of the team.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, my photos (warning for an alarming amount of Gingeroux): Here
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