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I reluctantly said goodbye to a friend yesterday.

Friday afternoon, we got the call, "Carl's gone." Those words signaled the end of an era for the Town of Star City. Carl worked as the public works director here for 37 years. I don't think there was a person in this town who didn't know him.

More than being a co-worker, Carl was my friend. We'd frequently spend time each morning, 'solving the problems of the town'. It still hasn’t really sunk in that I'll never see him sitting at the end of my desk or calling me on the phone just to tease me.

I first met him when I worked at the bakery counter of the local grocery store. He and the other street guys used to come to our deli for lunch. He always wanted a cinnamon twist donut, but only if it was "fat". He didn't feel like he was getting his money's worth if the donuts weren't raised enough.

When I was hired to work here, I became (among other things) his admin support. I can't even say how many times he came to my office, carrying some torn, mud-stained piece of paper, apologetically asking if I minded typing him up a new copy. Or asking me to "call the sign guys-we need some STOP signs". Me and the sign guys-we're tight.

Anyway, I tried, as much as possible, to be positive when we found out about the cancer that would ultimately defeat him. I worried and badgered him to eat when he started to look too skinny from the chemo. And we always made jokes about how we were going to sit down and write a tell-all book about the town, since he knew all the gossip and I'm the one who writes.

57 years is not long enough. I want to rage and cry and scream, but Carl wouldn't want that-he wasn't that kind of guy. So I will remember him here, in my own little way, a tribute to one of the greatest men I've ever known. You were loved and you will be missed. Rest in peace, my friend.

In Memory of Carlton J. Davis



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