Mar. 17th, 2009

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Did y’all know you can format fanfic to be read on the Kindle? If you did, don’t tell me since I already feel like I’m out of the loop. I didn’t even want one of the things, because I didn’t know that I’d ever use it that much.

Anyway, [ profile] rakshi came up with the idea of having a comm devoted to fanfic for the Kindle. Much in the way that the idea of podfic has taken off, she hopes to do the same kind of archive with Kindle-ized fic. Link to the comm:[ profile] kindle_fanfic

Right now, the comm mostly has fic from LOTR and LOTRIPS authors, but we would like the comm to reflect ALL fandoms. So this is a request for the phenomenal authors on my f-list: if you would like to have your fic Kindle-zed and archived on the comm, please let me know. NO ONE will have fic archived without their express permission. All headers, authors notes, etc that are included with the fic will be included in the Kindle file, although images are not recommended as they take up a lot of space. All authors will have their own area of the ‘library’. Even though Kindle is an Amazon product, Amazon DOES NOT know what is on your Kindle—they only have info about ebooks you’ve purchased from them. So there are no worries about Amazon knowing what’s been converted.

SGA:Atlantis! Top Gear! Supernatural! J2! Harry Potter! Bandom! Anything I might have forgotten! If you’re on my f-list, it kinda goes without saying you’re an excellent writer. We’d love to have your stuff for the Kindle!

Questions? Comments? Post ‘em here or email me. And pimp it out, people—just tell anyone interested to contact me or [ profile] rakshi.

Oh, and if you don’t have a Kindle? Since the Kindle 2 came out, Kindle 1 is selling for a very decent price on Ebay. Just sayin’.


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